Village 2021 Updates

East/West Access Road Completed!

May 31, 2020
East/West Access Road Completed!

Constructing the East/West drive isle was an important first step after securing the land.

Part of the conditions of the land purchase required building an access road across the property within a few months after closing the sale. This included a landscape buffer between the road and the new residential development - Eastridge Panorama.

We are happy to report that this first step has been completed.

This important roadway opens up accessibility to the property (and our current Ministry Centre) in a number of ways:

  • It provides access for people coming from the East on Highway 10. Before, the only way in was to complete an illegal U-turn, or turn left onto 148th Street, U-turn somewhere on that street, come back to Highway 10 and turn right. Now, simply turn left onto 148 Street and then take the first left onto the access road.
  • It provides an efficient solution for leaving to the West. Before, if you wanted to go West on Highway 10, you had to take a right the opposite direction, take the next left and navigate your way through a neighbourhood with more left turns to get back to Highway 10. Now, from the access road, simply turn right onto 148th and take a left at the light.
  • The road will also provide access to parking and the building via the 54A Ave entrance for anyone coming from or leaving to South Surrey/White Rock.
Grading and providing drainage for the new access road.

Completed drive isle looking west to 148th Street. Landscaping and curbing is completed on the south (left) side. The north side has been left unfinished due to the construction that is to come.